CNA Classes in Miami FL

Hundreds of medical facilities in the Miami, Florida area are in need of Certified Nurse Aide. There are now several nurse aide training programs going on in Miami, to help you obtain your certification. Becoming a CNA can take anywhere between 5 to 12 weeks of training. Once you have obtained your certification, you can begin earning $11 to $16 an hour.


The Role of a Certified Nurse Aide

Some people hesitate to take part in CNA classes thinking that the role of a CNA may be too difficult for them. However, if you enjoy helping others and working with people, you will relish your CNA position. The main role of a nurse aide is to assist patients carry out daily activities. Chores such as being served their meals and helped with eating them, are part of the duties of a CNA. A nurse aide will also bathe and help patients dress. CNAs will take a patient’s vital signs and keep their area cleaned and sanitized.┬áNurse aides act as a conduit between the patient and doctors and nurses. When patients need to move in and out of their beds, wheelchairs or other places, it is the role of a CNA to help them carry this out. In addition, providing bedpans, cleaning and emptying them out is also the role of a CNA.


Basic Requirements

Before you can become certified as a nursing assistant in the state of Miami, Florida, there are some basic requirements you must pass. The first is making sure you are at least 18 years or older. A high school diploma or GED is required as is proof of immunization. Each person must undergo a tuberculosis and hepatitis exam to determine they are Negative. To make sure your criminal background is clean, a check using fingerprints will be performed. And a physical examination to determine your health will also be done.

The amount of hours a person must spend in training to become certified as a nurse aide in Florida are 120 in total. 80 hours accumulated from classroom lessons and theoretical knowledge are needed. An additional 40 hours will come from lab and clinical experience.

You can begin taking CNA classes as soon as possible in any of the great CNA schools in Miami, Florida right now.