CNA Classes in Orlando FL

The city of Orlando, Florida has several facilities offering Certified Nurse Aide training programs. These CNA classes are taking place in many CNA schools which can lead to obtaining certification as a nurse assistant. With thousands of medical facilities in dire need for CNAs, there has never been a better time to take CNA training. A nurse aide can earn a median annual income of $26,000 to $36,500, depending on their experience. Since so many CNAs are needed all across the US, it is a career with job security and stability.


Become a CNA Easily

Taking part in a CNA program is very easy as long as you meet the basic requirements. To qualify for the nurse aide training programs you must be no younger than 18. A high school diploma or GED is needed along with proof of immunization. Each applicant has to take a physical exam to make sure they are in good health. Plus, a person will be tested for TB and hepatitis to make sure they are Negative. Criminal background checks via fingerprints are done to verify your history.

The training itself takes anywhere between 5 to 10 weeks, depending on the CNA school or CNA program you select. In Florida, the amount of training has to total 120 hours. The first 40 will be from medical and clinical experience. Another 80 hours are to be obtained from classroom theoretical lessons.


Duties of a Nurse Aide

The primary duties of a nurse aide are helping patients carry out their daily chores. That’s why it is important for anyone who becomes a CNA to enjoy working with others. They must also be compassionate and caring. A nurse aide has to help patients with their bathing and help them dress. Serving their meals and assisting them eat those meals is also part of a CNA duty. Plus, a nurse aide must provide patients with bedpans and empty them when needed. Lifting patients in and out of wheelchairs, exam tables or beds is part of the role of a CNA. And a nurse aide will take vital signs from patients.

You can become certified as a nurse aide in the state of Orlando, Florida right away by taking CNA classes today.