CNA Classes in California

Top Rated Certified Nursing Assistant SChool - Classes, Training For anyone who wants to be a Certified Nurse Aide in the state of California, they need to obtain CNA certification. Doing so will immediately allow you to be eligible to enter the Healthcare industry. That means that after obtaining CNA classes, CNA training and then CNA certification, you can pursue your career in Healthcare.


One of the first things to keep in mind is the importance of selecting the best CNA training and CNA classes in California. There are several reasons as to why this is crucial. For one, choosing the best CNA classes will help you in the long run as you complete your CNA training. The better the CNA schools you choose, the more you will learn as far as the course’s integral elements go. In addition, choosing the best CNA training will also guaranteed that you can pass your CNA certification easily.


CNA’s Responsibilities


Being a Certified Nursing Assistant comes with great responsibilities. It is an extremely important part of the healthcare industry field. CNA’s are the ones who are ultimately responsible for the patients. It is their responsibility when it comes to the patients well being. CNA’s have obligations and duties that are similar as those of medical assistants and nurses. However, the CNA’s are not required to carry out the same complicated tasks that nurses or medical assistants do. Tasks such as wound care and medication administration are not part of a Certified Nursing Assistant’s.

In retrospect, CNA’s carry out their duties under the direction of experienced and skilled nurses. As such, they are required to carry out these undertakings with the upmost respect. That means that the associated moral values of this profession should be adhered to and followed.


CNA Class Requirements in California

The first thing you need to know about CNA certification requirements for the state of California are the following. For one, there is a minimum age requirement of 16 for any applicants. This is the criteria which has to be met in order to be enroll in a CNA program. They are the ones approved by the California Department of Public Health’s Aide and Technician Certification Section (ATCS). In addition, there CNA training hours needed are 150 hours. The length of the training can take anywhere between 6 to 15 weeks in total. If desired, students can take a number of additional classes. These classes will help them earn extra skills and competency awards. The awards are part of the Acute Care CNA and Home Health Aide programs. Other requirements are that you are a high school graduate. Or you have accumulated at least 4 years of full time work experience.

CNAs are a very important part of the healthcare industry. This is one of the reasons why Certified Nursing Assistants are very sought after. Take advantage of this ever growing job opportunity by starting your CNA training and CNA classes today.