CNA Classes in Anaheim CA

If you live in Anaheim, California and want to become a Certified Nurse Aid, there are many great CNA schools to choose from. Becoming a nurse aide is now easier than ever since so many facilities have top rated CNA certification programs. These CNA courses can take about 5 to 9 weeks of total training, depending on your schedule.I'm CNA


Role Of CNAs in California

The role of a Certified Nurse Aide is one that can completely change your life. The profession is an awesome career for those that love aiding people and helping those in need. Unlike medical assistants or nurses, CNAs are not required to provide patients with wound care issues. They do not need to provide any medication administration to patients either. What nurse aides are required to do is take care of the patients under their charge. Patients who have trouble performing normal day to day needs, will depend on CNAs to help them. The entire time CNAs are carrying out their duties, they will be under the supervision of a professional nurse.


What Is Required To Become A CNA?

Some of the requirements for a CNA in the State of Anaheim, California are as follows. A person living in Bakersfield, CA, wishing to become a CNA, will be required to take and pass a physical exam. In addition, those wanting to become a nurse aide will have to pass a criminal background check. Most importantly though, the California Department of Public Health demands that CNAs have at least 150 hours of clinical experience. The hours are divided in theoretical learning as well.

Once you complete the nurse aide certification process, you can be on your way to a very rewarding and enriching career. Most CNAs can earn about $25,000 to $29,000 a year. And since there are so many medical facilities that need CNAs today, securing employment will be really easy. Take advantage of the many great CNA schools that offer CNA classes in Anaheim, CA, today.