CNA Classes in Fontana CA

Are you in the Fontana, California area and want a career that is rewarding, lucrative and engaging? Many residents of California are now taking advantage of the Certified Nurse Aide programs in their area. The demand for CNAs has never been higher as more and more facilities require them. Some of the best CNA schools are located in the Fontana, CA, area and offer easy to follow CNA classes.

The Responsibilities Of A CNA

Being a nurse aide comes with great responsibilities. Some of the duties that are required from a Certified Nurse Aide are to provide care to patients. Since many of the patients under the care of a CNA cannot perform menial tasks on their own, the CNA will have to do it for them. This means a nurse aide must be caring and understanding to the needs of each patient. A CNA must also adhere to the moral ethics code followed by those in the medical field.


Still, a nurse aide will not have to take care of any wounds or medication administration a patient may need. Instead, the nurses who will be supervising the CNAs will perform these duties. Or in other cases, they will be done by a medical assistant. Nonetheless, a Certified Nurse Aide must enjoy helping people and have compassion.

Requirements For a CNA

The California Department of Public Health has mandated that those wishing to become a CNA acquire no less than 150 hours of training. These hours include 100 which can be obtained from clinical experience and knowledge. The other 50 will derive from the theoretical portions of the program. Apart from the CNA classes or hours, applicants also must meet other criteria. Having a clean criminal record, being no younger than 16 years old and being TB negative are also a must. The same goes for needing to have at least a high school diploma or a GED.

Don’t miss out on the great opportunity to become a Certified Nurse Aide. CNA classes in some of the best CNA schools are taking place now.