CNA Classes in Garden Grove CA

Garden Grove, California residents looking to take CNA classes to become a Certified Nurse Aide can do so in several facilities. There are presently a few top rated CNA schools offering nurse training programs. The high demand in the healthcare industry for CNAs has made the nurse aide profess


ion a very promising and enriching career. The CNA profession is also a very respectable one since it involves working with many in the medical field.

Duties Of A Certified Nurse Aide

For those who are willing to take the steps needed to become a CNA, there are some duties they should be aware of. These tasks are the ones most CNAs will typically perform throughout their career. A CNA is in charge of the care of the patients in whichever facility he or she works in. Many of the patients under the care of a CNA are often unable to move or get out of bed on their own. These patients will require that the nurse aide help them in carrying out daily chores such as bathing and going to the bathroom. These are some of the reasons a nurse aide must adhere to a strict moral code of ethics. Every CNA has to report to a professional nurse under whose tutelage they will be.



Requirements For CNAs

There are some basic requirements that a person must pass before he or she can begin to take the CNA training courses. Each applicant must go through a criminal background check that involves their fingerprints. There is also a TB test performed on the applicant to ensure they are Negative. Every person who desires to be a CNA, must be no younger than 16 years old. And they must pass a physical test as well.

The amount of hours from training for a person to obtain nurse certification are a total of 150. These hours are mandated by California Department of Public Health. The hours are divided into the clinical learning and experience and the theory learning part of the program.

There are CNA classes being held today in several facilities throughout Garden Grove, California. Find out which CNA school is the best one for you to get started.