CNA Classes in Modesto CA

For any person who lives in Modesto, California and wants to take Certified Nurse Aide classes, there are hundreds of CNA schools to choose from. Many of these facilities are some of the best CNA schools in California and have top rated CNA classes. Over the course of this year, a vast majority of people are looking to take advantage of the growing health care industry’s demand for CNAs.

Facilities such asĀ  long term care, medical offices, outpatient facilities, care homes, nursing homes, and hospitals are in dire need of CNAs. In addition, a nurse aide can earn a respectable $11 to $15 an hour salary depending on the area they live in, the facility, experience and other factors. That adds up to around $29,000 a year.

What Do I Need To Become A CNA?

If you are looking to take part in the Certified Nurse Aide programs, then the requirements are not too harsh to meet. Applicants only need to be no younger than 16 years old. They also need to have either a high school diploma or at least a GED. Other criteria that needs to be met is making sure your criminal background is clean. There is a TB test that you must take and need to be negative. Plus, the physical exam given has to be passed by the applicant as well.

The hardest part of the CNA program are the hours of training needed. You will need no less than 50 hours of theory knowledge. Also, there are 100 hours of clinical experience that must be acquired during the course of the CNA classes. The total 150 hours are set in place by the mandate of the California Department of Public Health.


CNA’s Role

The duties of a Certified Nurse Aide are mainly taking care of any patient left under their care. Patients that cannot perform daily duties on their own will require the help of a CNA. A nurse aide must be very people friendly and enjoy helping others. They also need to be compassionate and caring.

For anyone who feels as this is the career they may want to embark on, the time is now. CNA schools are offering CNA classes all over the Modesto, California area now.