CNA Classes in Moreno Valley CA

Residents of Moreno Valley, California now have many opportunities to become a Certified Nurse Aide. Numerous facilities are offering CNA training and classes for those willing to become a nurse aide. The medium income for a Certified Nurse Aide is between $25,00 to $35,000 annually. CNAs are presently in high demand in the healthcare industry. Becoming a nurse aide will provide job security and become a life changing experience.


Duties Of A Certified Nurse Aide


Every nurse aide will have a particular set of duties he or she must carry out daily. For the most part, a CNA will need to make sure patients under their care have all of their basic daily needs met. In most cases, a vast majority of patients are often unable to perform or carry out these chores on their own. That is why Certified Nurse Aides need to be morally sound and held to a high standard of ethics. Patients will depend on a CNA to help them and assist them daily. Each person who desires to be a CNA needs to be charitable, understanding and compassionate.


CNA Training Prerequisites


Those who want to become a CNA, should be aware of some of the basic requirements the State of California has stipulated for CNA certification. Each applicant must be at least sixteen years of age. Every person taking the CNA training also needs to go through a criminal background check. Testing Negative for TB is also a key requirement. Having a high school diploma or GED from an education point is also a necessity.

The amount of hours each person must obtain in CNA training are no less than 150 in total. These hours are divided into several different sections such as clinical experience and theory learning.

Take advantage of the many facilities now offering CNA classes in the State of Moreno Valley, CA. You can be on your way to becoming a nurse aid and begin making a difference in the world.