CNA Classes in Oakland CA

The past year has seen a spike in the number of people searching for the best CNA schools in Oakland, California. There are also many out there looking to become a Certified Nurse Aide. Being a CNA is a very rewarding career for those that want to be part of the Health Care industry. Still, before you decide on where to take your CNA certification course, you need to be aware of some factors. Issues such as what the requirements are for becoming a CNA in the state of California need to be examined.


One of the reasons so many want to become a nurse assistant is because they enjoy helping others. In addition, obtaining your CNA certification can help you secure employment in a number of places. There are medical offices, nursing homes, hospitals & outpatient facilities, care homes and long term care facilities that need CNAs immediately.

What Are The Requirements For CNA Cortication In California?

A very important question that each person looking to become a nurse assistant needs to know the answer to is what the requirements are for being a CNA are. In the state of Oakland, California, there are some criteria that need to be met by the applicants. For one, they need to pass a physical exam. Secondly, CNAs are required to go through a background check.

More importantly though, the number of hours and training a CNA will spend before certification is what matters. Some states only require at least 60 to 75 hours. However, in California, the amount of hours required before becoming a Certified Nurse Aide are 150. These hours are divided in theory and clinical experience. The amount of hours are set by the California Department of Public Health.

Certified Nurse Aide Career

Once you pass the CNA classes and become CNA certified, you are well on your way to a very gratifying career. Under the supervision of a professional nurse, CNAs will care for patients and tend to their needs. This is why a CNA needs to be very compassionate and enjoy helping others.
If you want to take the first step in becoming a Certified Nurse Aid, there are hundreds of places where you can take CNA classes. You can begin taking your CNA training right away by choosing one of the top rated CNA schools in the Oakland, California area.

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