CNA Classes in Oceanside CA

The health care industry has seen a huge demand for Certified Nurse Aide the past few years. More and more facilities are in need of nurse aide to assist them with patients. Residents in Oceanside, California can take CNA classes in several top rated CNA schools. The facilities offering these training courses are approved by the state of California.


Get Started As A CNA

Becoming a CNA can be a life changing experience for the right person. A CNA will work with many people aiding them in their time of need. A nurse aid can earn a median salary that averages $32,500 a year. The amount of hours a person taking CNA training must obtain in order to become certified total 150. These hours are divided into clinical instruction and experience. And the rest are in theoretical learning.


Before a person can begin to take the nurse training program, he or she must pass a physical examination. The person must also test Negative for a TB test they will be given. The educational threshold for a CNA is that of a high school diploma or a GED. A criminal background check via fingerprints will also be performed on each applicant. The age limit for a person to begin taking the nurse aide training can be no less than sixteen years old.


What A CNA Does?

Any person who wants to become a CNA should be compassionate and love working with people. They also need to be morally ethical as mandated by the code of ethics those in the medical field are bound by. A CNA will be primarily in charge of caring for patients. Every patient who needs assistance in carrying out daily chores such as bathing and going to the bathroom will require the help of a nurse aide. The CNA will not have to tend to wound care of any medicinal administration a patient may require. These duties will belong to the nurse or medical assistant.

The time to become a Certified Nurse Aide is now. There are several facilities offering top rated CNA training and classes for residents of Oceanside, California.