CNA Classes in Palmdale CA

A large amount of people all over the United States are looking to become Certified Nurse Aide. That’s because there is presently a high demand for qualified CNAs all over the U.S. In the city of Palmdale, California, there is also a need for nurse assistants. Several facilities in Palmdale, California are offering CNA classes. These nurse aide training programs can lead to a future in the Healthcare industry.

Requirements For Nurse Aide Certification

Presently, a CNA can earn a median income of $35,000 annually. But before you can obtain your CNA certification, there are some prerequisites you need to be sure you pass. For one, the state of California mandates that a person obtain no less than 150 hours of total training. These hours are mandated according to the California Department of Public Health. The entire CNA training typically lasts 5 to 10 weeks, depending on the schedule you pick. Also, it will vary according to the CNA school or training program you take.

The entire 150 hours of training are composed of two parts. One, are the 50 hours required from theoretical learning. The other 100 hours need to be obtained from clinical and lab experience.

Still, before anyone can take part in the CNA program, they must first qualify via other requirements. One in particular is the age threshold as everyone has to be 16 years or older. Each applicant must also take a physical exam that they must pass. You also have an education requirement that consist of either a GED or a high school diploma. There is also a TB test each person must take which they must test Negative for.

Duties Of A CNA

Every CNA should enjoy working with other people and helping those in need. They should also be caring and benevolent since most of the patients will require aid. A nurse aide needs to uphold a strong set of moral and ethical codes as mandated by the medical profession. Patients under the care of a CNA will depend on them for help in all of their basic daily needs.

For those interested in becoming a nurse assistant and taking CNA classes, there are several CNA schools in your area.