CNA Classes in Riverside CA

Top Rated Certified Nursing Assistant SChool - Classes, TrainingBecoming a Certified Nurse Aide in Riverside, California, is very easy to do these days. There are hundreds of 5 star rated CNA schools offering CNA courses. These CNA schools make it really easy for anyone looking to become a nurse aide. The healthcare industry is in high demand of Certified Nurse Aide all around the state of California. Many people are taking advantage of this demand and are taking CNA classes. The pay for a nurse aide begins at around $12 to $16 an hour. A nurse aide can end up making an average of $25,000 to $29,000 a year.

Conditions For Becoming A CNA

Some of the requirements or conditions for anyone who wants to become a CNA are not really difficult. Applicants only need to pass a physical exam they will undergo. They will also need to pass a criminal background check. The age limit for anyone wishing to become a Certified Nurse Aide begins at 16.

The California Department of Public Health mandates that CNAs go through no less than 150 hours of training. The training is divided into several parts and takes about 5 to 10 weeks. This will vary depending on the CNA program you enroll in and the schedule you choose. The first portion of the program is for 50 hours of theoretical components. The second one is comprised of a 100 hours of clinical knowledge needed.


Duties Of A Certified Nurse Aide

The duties of a CNA are primarily that of taking care of the patients in whichever facility they are employed in. Many patients under their charge will usually require assistance and care. CNAs need to be very compassionate since most of the patients they tend to cannot take care of themselves. A nurse aide has moral codes that should be followed in accordance to ethics in the healthcare field. Each CNA will be supervised and guided by a professional nurse.
If you love helping people and want a rewarding career in healthcare, then begin taking CNA classes today. Find out which CNA school is the best one in your area.