CNA Classes in Sacramento CA

For anyone looking for information on CNA certification, CNA training and CNA school in the state of Sacramento, California, you can find some here. There are many people who are now looking to take advantage of what a Nurse Assistant job offers. The Certified Nurse Aide field is presently in high demand and nurse assistants are needed all over the United States. In addition, a CNA can make anywhere from $12 to $15 an hour or up to $29,000 a year. Still, there are several factors that you should be aware of before you decide on where to take your CNA training. Issues such as the requirements for a CNA in Sacramento, California need to be examined.

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CNA Class Requirements For Sacramento, California

For those that want to take part in the lucrative, exciting and rewarding nurse assistant field, there are some things they should know. Some of the required hours that a CNA must have before being certified are 150. These are hours as required by the California Department of Public Health. CNAs need to complete a total of 75 hours of training as well. What you will learn in these training courses include clinical experience and lectures.


Responsibilities Of A CNA

Being a CNA is a very rewarding and fulfilling job. There are a number of important duties that come along with the position though. A Certified Nurse Aide is primarily in charge of the care of a patient. Their duties are carried out as a professional nurse supervises them. Unlike a nurse or a medical assistant that has to perform difficult task, a CNA does not. Things such as having to take care of wounds of a patient or their medication are not part of a CNAs core responsibilities. These fall under the duties of the nurse or medical assistant. Still, a CNA has a certain tenet to uphold when it comes to values, respect and professionalism.


Being a Certified Nurse Aide in Sacramento, California can be a life changing career. It also means that you will be able to secure employment in many places in the health-care industry. Take advantage of free CNA classes, CNA training and the best CNA schools available today.