CNA Classes in Salinas CA

The healthcare industry is booming and part of that growth is stemming from so many medical facilities around the United States. Each of those facilities are in need of Certified Nurse Aide to help them with their patients. Residents of Salinas, California can take advantage of that demand in CNAs by taking nurse aide training courses. These CNA classes are being held in several facilities in Salinas, as well as other parts of California.

Being a CNA has many benefits and can change the life of those that embark as a nurse aide. In addition, the average median income for a CNA has risen to $34,500 a year.


The Requirements For CNA Certification

There are several requirements you must meet before you can become certified as a CNA in the state of California. Unlike other states, California requires more total hours when it comes to CNA training. Each person who wants to become a nurse assistant needs to accumulate a total of 150 hours. The entire amount of hours is divided into two separate components. The first one, are 50 hours of theory learning. The second, are 100 hours of lab and clinical experience a CNA must acquire.

In addition to these prerequisites, there are others you must first get by in order to take the CNA classes or programs. Each person must be at least 16 years or older before they can partake in the CNA certification process. Applicants must also pass a physical exam and be tested for TB. That test must come back Negative for the person to move forward with their nurse aide certification. A GED or a high school diploma are also parts of the requirements needed in the educational front. Plus, each person must go through a background check via their fingerprints to make sure their record is clean.


The Duties of a CNA

Every CNA must firmly adhere to moral and ethical values as mandated by the medical profession. It is the duty of a nurse aid to assist patients in the process of their daily functions. Some patients are unable to perform menial tasks such as bathing or going to the bathroom. When that happens, a CNA must help the patients with these daily chores.

Take advantage of the demand the healthcare industry is experiencing for CNAs. Find the best CNA schools or CNA classes in your area today.