CNA Classes in San Diego CA

Top Rated Certified Nursing Assistant SChool - Classes, TrainingAre you interested in becoming a Certified Nurse Aide in the State of California? For residents in San Diego, CA, there are many facilities offering CNA classes. These nurse aide training programs allow you to enter one of the fastest growing fields in the healthcare industry. Presently, a CNA can earn around $32,400 a year. Unlike other states, California requires more hours of training than others though.

Basic Requirements For CNA Programs

Before you can begin to take part in any CNA classes or training, there are some basic requirements you need to meet. Each person must be at least 16 years old. There is also a physical examination each applicant must pass. Either a GED or high school diploma is also required. Making sure you test Negative for TB is also a must. And a criminal background check will be performed as well.

The hours of training required for being a nurse aid in California are a total of 150. These hours are divided in clinical experience, theory learning and lab training.


Duties Carried Out By A Nurse Aide

Every person who wants to become a nurse aide should be very caring and compassionate. A CNA will be in charge of caring for patients who often cannot take care of themselves. Because of that, the duties of a CNA are to help each patient carry out daily chores such as bathing.  A Certified Nurse Aide needs to be morally sound and follow ethical guidelines set in place by the state.
At the same time, CNAs do not have to worry about tending to patients wounds or administering medication to them. Instead, a professional nurse or medical assistant will perform those duties.

Being a Certified Nurse Aide can be a life changing profession. if you enjoy helping people and working with others, then start taking your CNA classes today.

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