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One of the fastest and in demand professions are for Certified Nurse Aide (CNA). This is especially applicable for the state of California where the need for certified and qualified CNAs keeps growing. If you are in need of CNA certification or are looking for CNA classes in San Jose, California, there are some things you should know. In order for you to be certified, there are several requirements that need to be met. Finding the best CNA schools that offer the right training is very important.

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CNA’s Responsibilities


The responsibilities of a highly trained CNA are many. That’s because CNAs perform extremely important duties. They are an integral part of the healthcare industry. It also means that CNAs are responsible for the well care of the patients they look after. Much like the duties of a nurse or a medical assistant, CNAs are required to carry out various tasks in their positions. However, some of these duties are not as complicated as those of a medical assistants or nurses. Nonetheless, Certified Nurse Aide still need to carry out their duties with the extreme respect and care. The moral values they need to uphold are an integral part of the entire health care industry.

CNA Class Requirements in San Jose, California


Before you can take any CNA training or CNA classes, you need to make sure that meet all of the CNA class requirements. The CNA class requirements in San Jose, California are similar to other states. However, in San Jose, California, the amount of hours needed to obtain certification are more. CNAs need to take at least 160 hours of training for the San Jose, California CNA certification process. Applicants also need to have a clean criminal record. In addition, there is a physical exam that they need to pass.

The need for qualified and Certified Nurse Aides continues to grow in San Jose, California. CNA’s are also in high demand in various states all across America. Finding the best CNA schools and CNA classes is imperative. The resources for you to become a CNA are there and waiting for you to use them.

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