CNA Classes in Santa Clarita CA

The residents of Santa Clarita, California are taking advantage of the great Certified Nurse Aide training courses being offered to them. The CNA schools are taking place in selected facilities all over the state. Nurse aide is a very promising career for anyone who wants to enter the healthcare industry. A CNA can earn between $11 to $16 an hour or as high as $35,000 a year.

Basic CNA Requirements –┬áSanta Clarita California

But before you begin to take the nurse aide training program, you should be aware of what the requirements for CNAs are in the State of California. Every person taking CNA training needs to pass a physical examination first. They will also undergo a TB test to determine if they are indeed Negative. In addition, the educational level required for a CNA can be a high school diploma or a GED. Each applicant must also have a check done to determine their criminal background record.

The total amount of hours mandated by the California Department of Public Health for a person who wants to become a Certified Nurse Aide are 150. The training usually takes about 5 to 10 weeks. The amount of time depends on the schedule you choose and the CNA school or classes. The 150 hours consist of clinical experience and theoretical learning.


The Role Of A Nurse Aide

For those who want to work as a CNA, they need to know the role that the job requires. For the most part, a CNA will be in charge of the care of the patients. Patients who are unable to perform chores such as bathing and going to the bathroom on their own, will need a CNA to assist them. This is why it is imperative that a Certified Nurse Aide be compassionate and enjoy helping people. More importantly, a CNA must be morally and ethically sound in every aspect of their work. A professional nurse will supervise the role of a CNA each day.

The time to take advantage of the CNA classes being offered by facilities all around the state of California is now. Becoming a nurse aide is easier than ever with all of the great CNA training programs going on.