CNA Classes in Stockton CA

The HealthCare industry is booming and in high demand of qualified Certified Nurse Aides. Presently, that demand for CNA’s is taking place in cities all around California. For Stockon, CA, residents who want to become a nurse aide, there are many facilities offering CNA classes. These top rated CNA schools make it easy for those who want to become a nurse aide.

The Role Of A CNA

Becoming a Certified Nurse Aide comes with a great deal of responsibilities. CNAs will be in charge of patients in whichever facility they obtain employment from. The patients nurse aide care for, typically are not able to do menial tasks on their own. It is the role of a CNA to help these patients carry out these daily rituals. This is why it is imperative for a Certified Nurse Aide to love working with people. Moreover, they also need to enjoy helping those in need.


There is a strong ethical code that CNAs are obligated to follow when caring for these patients. Still, nurse aide are not required to administer any medications to patients. Nor are they required to tend to wounds of the patients. Instead, these duties will be carried out by either the nurse or medical assistants. Each CNA will be under the supervision of an experienced nurse as they carry out their duties.

CNA Requirements

Before you can become a Certified Nurse Aide, you need to pass a physical exam. You will also need to be no less than 16 years or older. Plus, your criminal history will be evaluated and checked to make sure you pass. More importantly though, you will need to undergo a minimum of 150 hours of training. This training includes 100 hours of clinical experience. The other 50 hours are of theory components.

Once you obtain your CNA certification, obtaining employment will be real easy. There are countless of medical facilities in dire need of CNAs. You can begin your career as a Certified Nurse Aide right away by taking CNA courses today.