CNA Classes in Connecticut

For those who are looking to train as a Certified Nurse Aide, there are many great CNA schools in the Connecticut area offering CNA classes.  The demand for Certified Nurse Aide has exploded the past few years. More and more people are looking to take advantage of that demand and take CNA classes. But before you do so, there are several requirements you need to be aware about. There are also some questions you may have about the entire CNA certification process.


The Role Of A Nurse Aide


One of the questions people looking to take CNA classes often ask is what the role of a CNA is. Some are not fully aware of the responsibilities that a nurse aide will have. A nurse aide is typically in charge of patients in different types of facilities. Most of the patients in the care of a CNA are often unable to do menial tasks on their own. Because of that, CNAs are the ones responsible in helping these patients perform these tasks. In many cases, the nurse aide may have to do them for the patients.


A CNA does not have to worry about administering medication to the patients though. This obligation falls under the duties of a professional nurse. Neither do they have to worry about performing wound care. Those are also either done by a medical assistant or a nurse. A CNA does have to be compassionate and caring since they will work with sick and needy patients. They will also have to love helping people.


Requirements For CNAs


The basic requirements for a CNA in the State of Connecticut differ than other states. For one, applicants need to be at least 18 years of age. They also have to pass both a physical exam and a TB test (have to be negative). More importantly, a Certified Nurse Aide must provide no less than 100 hours of training. This includes at least 24 hours of clinical experience. This is the mandate set forth by the Connecticut Department of Health.