CNA Classes in Bridgeport CT

Are you looking to take the Certified Nurse Aide training? If you are in the Bridgeport, CT area, there are many good CNA schools offering CNA classes now. A lot of people are looking to become a CNA for several reasons. Nurse aides are in high demand right now in the healthcare industry. There are countless of nursing homes, long-term residential health centers, hospitals and other facilities that are in need of nurse aide. Plus, a Certified Nurse Aide can make anywhere from $12 to $16 an hour.

Certified Nurse Aide is a very respected profession and one that can bring long term job security. There are several duties of a CNA that you should be aware of. Before you embark on the steps it takes to become a Certified Nurse Aide, you should know exactly what those responsibilities are.


CNA Duties

The duties of a CNA are primarily taking care of patients under their care. The majority of patients CNAs have to look after, often need aid performing daily tasks. Certified Nurse Aide will need to work closely with the patients and provide help in many circumstances. A nurse aide needs to be understanding, caring and compassionate in his or her work. They also need to make sure they follow protocols put in place that adhere to moral values. A CNA will be under the supervision of an experience nurse who will guide them to the needs of each patient.


What Is Required To Take CNA Training?


There are several requirements that an applicant must pass before they can begin to take CNA training or CNA classes. For one, they must have a GED or a high school diploma. They must also pass a physical exam and be no younger than 18. In addition, each applicant must go through a thorough criminal background check.

The Connecticut Department of Health also requires that a CNA have 100 hours of training. They must also have at least 24 full hours of clinical experience. If you want to take the CNA classes, you can find some great CNA schools in your area today.