CNA Classes in Waterbury CT

The following contains information for CNA Class requirements in the state of Waterbury, Connecticut. You can find some of the best CNA schools in the area that can provide CNA training. The healthcare industry has experience an up tick when it comes to the demand for CNAs. That means there are many jobs available for those that pass the CNA certification process.


Role Of A CNA

The role or duties of a Certified Nurse Aide are not too difficult. The basic requirement a nurse aide must have is enjoy working with others. They should also be compassionate and caring since the majority of the patients in their care will need them. Most patients in the care of a Certified Nurse Aide cannot carry out menial tasks such as going to the bathroom or bathing. In those cases, a CNA will need to either help them carry those duties out, or do them for the patient.

Unlike a nurse or a medical assistant, it is not the role of a CNA to administer medication to patients. Neither is tending to their wounds. These duties will fall under the care of the nurse or medical assistants. The CNA will have other duties that a professional nurse will supervise.


Requirements For A Nurse Aide

The most important requirement an applicant must have before he or she is certified as a nurse aide is the training. The state of Connecticut requires no less than 24 hours of clinical experience. They also mandate that each person have 100 hours of training before they can become a CNA.
A high school diploma or a GED, negative TB test and a clean criminal record are other requirements needed to become a nurse aid. There is also a physical examination that the applicant must undergo and pass.

Being a Certified Nurse Aide can change your life and help you change the lives of others. Find out which CNA schools in your area are offering CNA classes today.