CNA Classes in North Dakota

For anyone in North Dakota looking for nurse aide training programs in their area, there are many Certified Nurse Aide schools available. The CNA certification process is being offered by various facilities via CNA classes. A nurse aide is a very rewarding profession that many are looking to enter. They can earn about $25,00 to $29,000 a year, depending on some key factors.

The high demand for CNAs all across the United States has led to an increase in CNA schools and nurse aide training programs. But, before you decide to begin the process, there are some information regarding the CNA certification process you should know about.


Basic Requirements


For the most part, becoming a CNA is not that difficult as long as you apply yourself to the training. The CNA programs typically take anywhere from 5 to 9 weeks. The amount of weeks will vary, depending on the CNA school you choose and the schedules. A CNA will be required to undergo a total of 100 hours of training before he or she can be certified. The hours will be divided in lab and lecture training.

Applicants need to make sure that they have a high school diploma before entering the programs. Or they can have a GED as well. Each person must pass a physical examination and take a TB test. The result of the TB test must come back Negative. There will also be a thorough background check of your criminal history. And you must provide proof of either U.S. Citizenship or legal resident status.


The Tasks A CNA Must Perform

The role of a Certified Nurse Aide will mostly consist of helping patients. Those under the care of a CNA will require aid in undertaking daily chores. Most patients are often unable to perform these chores on their own. Because of that, a nurse aide will be required to do them for the patient.
If you want to begin taking part in a life changing career, then start taking CNA classes today.