CNA Classes in South Carolina

For anyone in the State of South Carolina wishing to become a Certified Nurse Aide, the time is now. There has never been such a high demand for CNAs all over the state. Becoming a nurse aide means that you will have job security and earn a respectable salary. A Certified Nurse Aide can earn anywhere between $11 to $15 an hour. That adds up to $24,000 to $29,000 annually, depending on your experience.


Basic Requirements For CNA Training

Before you can begin taking CNA classes or CNA training, there are several prerequisites you must meet. One of them is that you be no less than 18 years of age. There is also a criminal background check via fingerprints that you must go through. Either a high school diploma or a GED will be required. Other requirements are that you test Negative in a TB test report and that you offer proof of U.S. legal residency or citizenship.

The amount of hours that a Certified Nurse Aide must complete before he or she can be certified in the State of South Carolina are 100. These 100 hours will be combined in both clinical training and theoretical.


The Role Of Nurse Aide


The most basic requirement for a Certified Nurse Aide is that he or she loves working with people. This is because most of the patients under the watch of a CNA will require aid. In most cases, patients will be unable to perform menial tasks on their own. The role of a nurse aide is to help the patients carry out these tasks or do it for them. Each CNA will be under the watch and tutelage of a professional nurse who will supervise them.

For those that are looking for a career in the health care industry, becoming a CNA can make that a dream come true. Find out which of the best CNA schools in your area are offering CNA classes today.