CNA Classes in Charleston SC

For those looking to enter the healthcare field, many are entering it by becoming a Certified Nurse Aide. It is now easier than ever to find great CNA schools in the Charleston, South Carolina area offering CNA classes. Being a nurse aide is a real rewarding career that can change your life. It will also allow you to change the lives of many people you will work with and those you help.

A Certified Nurse Aide program can let you prepare to enter a fulfilling career that is very respectable. Plus, being a nurse aide comes with job security since there is a high demand now for CNAs all over the country. A nurse aide can earn between $11 to $16 an hour, depending on their experience and other factors.


Basic Requirements For CNA Certification

Before you can become a CNA, there are certain requirements you need to meet in the state of Charleston, South Carolina. First, you must be no younger than 18 years. Second, you will need to pass a physical exam and take a TB test which you must test Negative for. There is also a background check to see the status of your criminal history. And you must have either a high school diploma or a GED.

To be certified as a nurse aide an applicant must complete no less than 100 hours of training. The hours of training are divided into two sections; 20 hours are for clinical and 80 hours of lecture.


CNA Duties

Some of the duties of a Certified Nurse Aide are to care for the wellbeing of patients in the facility they are working for. Most of the patients will need assistance in performing daily functions. Since many of the patients will often be unable to care for themselves, a CNA will have to aid them in carrying out these functions. A nurse aide should enjoy working with people and helping others.

To get started on your career as a nurse aide start taking CNA classes in a top rated CNA school today.