CNA Classes in Texas

Top Rated Certified Nursing Assistant SChool - Classes, TrainingFor anyone interested in becoming a Certified Nurse Aide in the state of Texas, the time is now. The high demand for CNAs is growing more each day. The healthcare industry is in dire need of nurse aides all over the US and Texas. There are many facilities offering CNA classes to those that wish to take part in the nurse aide training programs.


Becoming a Certified Nurse Aide is a rewarding and respectful career. A CNA can earn anywhere from $11 to $16 an hour. The median annual income for a nurse aide is about $36,500.

Know The Requirements

Before you can become a Certified Nurse Aide or take any CNA classes, there are several prerequisites you must meet. Unlike other states that have a more demanding total amount of hours of training, Texas does not. The amount of hours needed to be a nurse aide in Texas are only 75. Those are broken down into two parts. The first 51 hours are for classroom sessions and general knowledge learning. You will also need 24 hours of clinical experience.


The entire CNA training may take about 2 to 6 weeks depending on the CNA schools and schedule you select. Other requirements are that you pass a TB test for which you must test Negative. A criminal background check will also be performed. In addition, you must have at least a high school or GED. The state of Texas also requires anyone taking CNA training to be at least 18 years old. A clean bill of health along with a physical examination must be passed.

Duties Of A CNA

The duties of a CNA are not as difficult as that of a professional nurse. Certified Nursing Assistants are primarily in charge of taking care of the patients. They will need to make sure the patients under their charge are well taken care of. These duties include making sure daily chores patients cannot perform on their own are done. This is one of the reasons a Certified Nurse Aide must be caring and compassionate. They should also enjoy working with others.

Be sure to find the best CNA schools in Texas right away to begin your CNA training.