CNA Classes in New York City

Residents of New York City can take advantage of the many facilities now offering Certified Nurse Aide programs. The high demand for CNAs in the healthcare sector has made the nurse assistant profession one that provides job security. A nurse aide can earn between $11 to $16 an hour, depending on their experience. Being a CNA is a very rewarding career which many are taking steps to become one.

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What A CNA Does

The primary roll of a Certified Nurse Aide is to offer aid to patients under their care. Many of the patients a CNA will need to help require assistance in carrying their daily rituals. Patients are often unable to bathe and go to the bathroom on their own. This is when a nurse aid will provide their help to assist them in performing these duties. Unlike a professional nurse, A CNA will not be required to perform any wound care. Neither will they need to administer any medication. The professional nurse or medical assistance will take care of those duties.

It is imperative for a CNA to enjoy working with others and helping people. They must also have a high moral code that needs to be followed as per medical regulations.

Certified Nurse Aide Prerequisites

Before you can take CNA classes or become certified as a nurse aide, there are several criteria you must meet in New York, NY. For the most part, a person must be at least 18 years of age. They must also possess a valid high school diploma or the equivalent which is a GED. A check of a person’s criminal background check will also be done using fingerprints. Applicants must take and pass a physical exam as well as test Negative for a TB test. Proof of immunization must also be provided.


The CNA training consist of 175 hours. There are 100 hours from clinical practice. The other 75 hours are through classroom instructions and knowledge.  You can begin taking your CNA classes right away at a top rated facility in New York, NY.

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