CNA Classes in Rochester NY

There are many residents of Rochester, NY, presently taking part in becoming a Certified Nurse Aide. Several facilities are offering CNA training and CNA classes for those that qualify. Becoming a nurse aide has never been easier due to the many nurse aide training programs available. In addition, the high demand for CNAs all over the state of NY, is another factor to consider.


A CNA can earn anywhere between $11 to $16 an hour and an annual income of about $29,000 to $36,000. The experience and location may change the total amount earned. Being a CNA is a rewarding and respectful career for those that want to enter the healthcare sector.


What You Need For CNA Certification


Applicants looking to become a nurse aide have to meet several requirements before they can be certified. A person looking to take CNA training must be at least 18 years of age. A doctor will perform a physical exam to determine a clean bill of health. Each person will also undergo a criminal background check using their fingerprints. Making sure that you test Negative for a TB test and provide proof of immunization will also be required. Having a high school or GED equivalent diploma are other parts of the prerequisites.


As far as the certification process, each person must undergo no less than 175 hours of training. The hours are 75 which you obtain from general medical knowledge via classes. And 100 hours of clinical training in medical facilities.


A CNAs Role

For any person desiring to become a nurse assistant, they must know their role. A CNA will mostly be in charge of making sure each patient in their care is well tended. This includes making sure everyday chores such as bathing and going to the bathroom are carried out. Since most patients are unable to do many things for themselves, a CNA will have to help or perform them for the patient. This is why a CNA must enjoy helping people and working with others. Plus, they must have the highest moral values and code of ethics.
You can become a CNA easily by taking the nurse aide training programs available in Rochester, NY now.