CNA Classes in Syracuse NY

The city of New York and residents of Syracuse, NY, have seen a rise in the need for Certified Nurse Aide. That is why there are so many top rated medical facilities offering Syracuse residents CNA classes. Presently, there are many nurse aide training programs going on now. The healthcare industry is booming and so is the CNA profession. Becoming a nurse aide can be done in the course of 4 to 9 weeks. The time depends on the CNA school and the schedule you select for yourself.


Duties of A CNA

If you love working with others and helping those in need, then becoming a CNA is for you. The primary duties of a Certified Nurse Aide consist of aiding patients. Many of the patients under the care of a CNA are often unable to carry out menial duties on their own. In cases such as these, a nurse aide will be required to do them for the patient. It is very important for a nurse assistant to have very high morals and strong code of ethics. Each CNA will be under the supervision of a professional nurse.


What Are The Requirements For Becoming Certified?

Before you can begin to be certified as a nurse, there are several hurdles you must go through. The very first is making sure that you have a clean criminal record. A check will be done using the fingerprinting process. In addition, applicants must pass a physical exam and deliver a clean bill of health. Each person must be at least 18 years old and have either a high school diploma or GED. There will also be a check for proof of immunization. And a TB test will be performed for which you must test Negative for.

Being a CNA is a very rewarding career that can open the path to the medical field for anyone. You can begin taking top rated CNA classes in hundreds of CNA schools in the Syracuse, NY, section today.