CNA Classes in Yonkers NY

People are jumping at the chance to become a Certified Nurse Assistant in Yonkers, NY. There are now many medical facilities offering top rated CNA classes and CNA training. If there was ever a time to enter the healthcare industry, it is now. Medical facilities such as nursing homes, care homes, medical offices, hospitals and long term care facilities are in dire need of Certified Nurse Aides. And since a CNA can earn between $11 to $16 an hour, it is a great profession to enter.


Things You Need To Become A CNA


For those who want to take a chance at becoming a CNA, there are several things they will need to meet. Part of the requirements for being a Certified Nurse Aide is obtaining at least 175 hours of training. These hours are broken down into 75 hours of lessons and knowledge and 100 hours of clinical medical training. Before you can enter any CNA classes or CNA training courses, you need to be at least 18 years of age. A high school diploma or a GED are part of the educational requirements. Each person must undergo a fingerprinting check of their criminal background. In addition, a TB test must be performed and the applicant must test Negative for it. A physical test will also be done to make sure you deliver a clean bill of health.



Duties of a CNA


Being a CNA comes with various responsibilities and duties. For the most part, a nurse aide will have many patients in his or her care. Most of these patients cannot perform daily rituals such as going to the bathroom on their own. Others require help in bathing and other chores. In cases such as this, it is the role of a CNA to carry them out for the patient. It is imperative because of these duties that a CNA be respectful and compassionate. They must also adhere to a high guidelines of moral code and values. Please note that CNAs are not in charge of medical distribution or wound care of patients. Those duties will be carried out by a professional nurse or medical assistant.

The time to become a Certified Nurse Aide is now since there are so many CNA classes taking place in Yonkers, NY.