CNA Classes in Abilene TX

The healthcare industry is experiencing a high demand for Certified Nurse Aide all across the country. This is why so many great CNA schools in Abilene, Texas are taking part in offering CNA classes. By entering the CNA certification process, you can ensure yourself of a great employment opportunity. The many medical facilities which need CNAs keeps growing each day. Plus, a nurse aide can earn a very respectable salary which starts at $26,000 a year and goes up to $36,500.


The Basic Requirements

In order to take part in the Certified Nurse Aide training, you must first meet a certain set of requirements. At the very least, a person must be 18 years or older. They will also have to go through a criminal background check using the person’s fingerprints. A doctor will perform a physical exam to ascertain the clean bill of health of each applicant. Plus, a hepatitis and tuberculosis exam must be taken and a Negative result must be concluded. Another criteria that needs to be met is having a GED or high school diploma.

Unlike other states that demand more hours, Texas only requires 75 hours of training. The first 51 derive from classroom lessons. Another 24 hours of clinical experience are also required.


Duties of a Nurse Aide

A Certified Nurse Aide will have a number of duties to perform in the course of their employment. The majority of patients under the care of a CNA require assistance with daily activities such as bathing. They will also need help dressing and their areas must be cleaned and sanitized by a CNA. Patients will also have to be provided their meals daily and helped with eating those meals. Other duties include making sure their bedpans are provided for and emptied when required. Moving in and out of a bed or a wheelchair is often necessary for a patient. It will the role of a CNA to help the patients with these issues as well. It is imperative that a Certified Nurse Aide have high moral standards and be ethically sound.

Begin your CNA classes today by finding top rated CNA schools in the Abilene, Texas area.