CNA Classes in Amarillo TX

Thousands of people are lining up to take nurse aide certification courses. In Amarillo, Texas, top rated Certified Nurse Aide schools are offering CNA classes to those that qualify. There is presently a high demand for nurse aide in hundreds of different medical facilities. Such a dire need for CNAs means that there is job stability and security in this profession. Plus, taking part in a nurse aide training program can be completed in about 4 to 9 weeks.


Basic Requirements

Before you can take part of CNA training, there is a basic threshold each person must pass. The most important is being of age which means 18 years or older. There will be a tuberculosis and hepatitis test administered to each applicant. They must test Negative for that examination in order to move forward. Each person should have a GED or high school diploma as part of their educational requirement. A criminal background check via fingerprints will be done to make sure your criminal history is up to par.

The hours of training to become a Certified Nurse Aide are the most difficult. Each person must obtain at least 24 hours of clinical experience from their CNA training. There will also be 51 hours required from each person that come from medical knowledge and lessons.


The Primary Role of a Nurse Aide

The Certified Nurse Aide profession can be very rewarding and fulfilling for the right person. The basic requirement for any CNA is that they enjoy working with people and be compassionate. This is needed since nurse aides will be helping patients carry out daily activities. CNAs will need to help patients with their bathing and dressing. They will also take a patients vital signs, serve them meals and help them eat. It is imperative for a nurse aide to be morally sound and ethically upstanding. CNAs will not be required to take care of any wounds patients need help with. Nor will they need to administer any medications. These duties fall under the care of medical assistants or professional nurses.

Becoming a CNA can provide job security and provide a good income. A CNA can earn between $26,000 to $36,500 a year. If you feel you have what it takes to be a Certified Nurse Aide, start taking your CNA classes today.