CNA Classes in Austin TX

Certified Nurse Aide classes are taking place in several locations around the Austin, Texas territory. The top rated facilities offering CNA classes are all part of the nurse aide training programs available. These programs and training are making it easier for people to become a nurse aide. There is a huge need for CNAs in facilities throughout the US. A CNA can easily earn between $29,000 to $35,500 annually. In addition, because of the high demand, being a nurse aide provides job security.


The Basic Requirements

In any training, there are always a certain level of requirements participants must go through first. To take part in the CNA training, a person must be no less than 18 years old. They must also provide a valid high school or GED equivalency diploma. A doctor will perform a physical examination you must pass with a clean bill of health. Plus, there is also a TB test that each person must test Negative for in order to continue forward. Proof of immunization and a thorough criminal background check are also part of the prerequisites for taking CNA certification classes.

In order to obtain the certification, a person must complete at least 75 hours of training. You must deliver 51 hours of classroom sessions and no less than 24 hours of clinical experience.


What CNAs Do

Being a CNA is a wonderful career opportunity full of rewards and fulfillments for the right person. A nurse aide needs to be compassionate towards others and enjoy helping people. They must also uphold a high code of ethical values and moral code. Each CNA will be in charge of patients who cannot carry out everyday duties on their own. Because of that, it will be the role of a Certified Nurse Aide to assist or carry out these chores for the patient. Unlike a medical assistant or professional nurse, CNAs are not required to do any wound care. Neither are they required to perform medication administration. Nonetheless, they will need to provide much needed care and attention to patients in their fold.

The time to become a Certified Nurse Aide is now. Several facilities in Austin, Texas are offering CNA classes and training.