CNA Classes in Brownsville TX

Certified Nurse Aide training and courses are being offered all over the Brownsville, Texas area. Many great CNA schools are offering residents nurse aide training programs to help them become certified. The increase in medical facilities and patients requiring aid, has resulted in CNAs being needed all over the USA. The nurse aide profession is one that is very respectable and rewarding. It can also mean job security and stability for those that become certified.


What You Need To Become a Nurse Aide

The criteria that must be met by a person looking to take part in CNA training and CNA certification process are as follows. Each person must be at least 18 years of age or older. They must also provide proof of their immunization. A check of their criminal background will be performed. Using the fingerprint method, the person will need to have a clean record. Applicants will be examined by a doctor following a physical examination. That exam has to deliver a clean bill of health for the applicant. There are also hepatitis and tuberculosis exams given for which a person must test Negative. You must also have a high school or GED diploma.

When it comes to the amount of hours in training, the state of Texas requires a total of 75 hours. The training can take between 4 to 9 weeks, depending on the CNA school and program. You will need 24 hours of clinical experience from this training. Also, 51 hours of basic medical knowledge from lessons will be required.


Primary Duties of a CNA

The main role of a Certified Nurse Aide is taking care of patients who cannot fend for themselves. Issues such as serving them meals and helping patients eat are part of those duties. There are also bathing and dressing the patients as well as taking their vital signs. A CNA needs to be compassionate and morally sound. They should also enjoy working with others and helping those in need. Every nurse aide will be supervised by a professional nurse to make sure they are carrying out their duties properly.
For the right person, becoming a Certified Nurse Aide can be a life changing  employment opportunity. Find out which CNA schools are offering the best CNA programs in the Brownsville, Texas area today.