CNA Classes in El Paso TX

The healthcare industry is presently needing Certified Nurse Aide individuals all over the US. The high demand for CNAs has caused several medical facilities in the El Paso, Texas, area to provide CNA classes. Those looking to become a nurse aide can do so via the nurse aide training programs available.


Becoming a CNA is a very respectable career choice which provides much needed job security. The high demand for nurse aides in facilities all over the USA has increased each year. That means it is the best time to take CNA classes and try to obtain certification. A CNA can earn a respectable salary which starts at $11 to $16 an hour, depending on your experience.


What Are The El Paso, Texas Requirements?


For El Paso, Texas, residents, the requirements to become a CNA are not that difficult. Unlike other states, Texas only demands 75 total hours of training. There are 51 hours in lab lecture and basic lessons. Plus, no less than 24 hours of medical experience is needed.


Other basic requirements for applicants willing to participate in the CNA training process are being at least 18 years old. You must also provide proof of your immunization. In addition, each person will be given a TB test for which they must test Negative. A thorough criminal background check will be performed using the process of fingerprinting. There is a physical exam performed by a doctor which must be passed and by which you must render a clean bill of health.


My Duties As a CNA


Every Certified Nurse Aide will have a set of duties to carry out each day under the supervision of a professional nurse. These duties include taking care of patients who are often unable to tend to themselves. Patients who cannot perform every day chores such as bathing and going to the bathroom will require the help of a CNA. This is why it is imperative for any nurse aide to be compassionate and caring. They must also be highly ethical and morally upstanding.

Obtaining CNA certification and taking CNA training in El Paso, Texas, is now easier than ever. See which top rated CNA schools are offering the nurse aide training programs.