CNA Classes in Frisco TX

Taking part in the Certified Nurse Aide program in the state of Frisco, Texas can be done in a few simple steps. There are presently several top rated CNA schools offering nurse aide training programs for residents. Anyone who wants to become a nurse aide now has the tools to become certified.

The CNA profession is a rewarding career which delivers job security and stability. Hundreds of medical facilities are in dire need of CNAs all over the country. Plus, a Certified Nurse Aide can earn a median income of $26,000 to $36,500 a year.


Steps For Becoming Certified

For those who want to embark in the field of medicine, becoming certified as a nurse aide is a great start. It can open the door to the healthcare industry and provide the start you need. Others simply enjoy working as a Certified Nurse Aide and helping people. The steps it takes to obtain certification are not that difficult. Basic requirements are that you be at least 18 years or older when applying. You must also provide proof of your immunization. Each applicant will undergo an exam to determine their physical health. They must pass this exam as well as test Negative for a hepatitis and tuberculosis exam.

There will be a high school or GED equivalency diploma needed and a criminal background check will be done. The latter includes being fingerprinted to make sure your criminal history is clean. When it comes to the amount of hours of training needed, they are 75. These hours include 24 hours of clinical experience and 51 hoursĀ  of classroom lessons and knowledge.


A Certified Nurse Aide Duties

The duties of a CNA primarily consist of helping patients. The majority of patients under the care of nurse aide need assistanceĀ in bathing and dressing. They will also require assistance when moving in and out of their wheelchairs and beds. A CNA must take the vital signs of patients and act as a conduit between the patients and nurses and doctors. Making sure each patients area is sanitized and clean is also part of a CNA’s role. As is providing clean bedpans and emptying them out when necessary.

You can start your path to becoming a Certified Nurse Aide right now by finding to rated CNA schools in your area.