CNA Classes in Grand Prairie TX

There is a renaissance going on in the healthcare industry. Thousands of people are taking part in the Certified Nurse Aide programs being offered all over Texas and the USA. In Grand Prairie, Texas, several top rated CNA schools are offering residents nurse aide training programs. The high demand in medical facilities for qualified CNAs has created a great employment opportunity for anyone who qualifies. The CNA training can take anywhere from 4 to 9 weeks. But what are the requirements for becoming a CNA in Grand Prairie, Texas?


Basic Prerequisites

For the most part, becoming a Certified Nurse Aide can be possible for a person if he or she is at least 18 years or older. They must also go through a criminal background check to make sure their criminal history is clean. A physical examination by a doctor to determine a clean bill of health will also be performed. Each person must take a tuberculosis and hepatitis test for which they must test Negative. The educational threshold for a CNA begins with a GED or high school diploma.

The part that takes more time and requires more work for anyone looking to be Certified as a Nurse Aide is the training. The state of Texas requires each person to go through 75 hours of training. An additional 24 hours of clinical experience are also needed to be obtained.


Duties of a Certified Nurse Aide

The primary role of a Certified Nurse Aide is taking care of patients in medical facilities for which they are employed. Patients in these facilities need assistance with basic activities daily. Chores such as eating, bathing and dressing are part of the help they need and a CNA must provide. This is why it is so important for a nurse aide to be morally and ethically sound. CNAs will also take the vital signs of patients, examine them for any needs and provide and empty their bedpans.


You can begin earning anywhere from $11 to $16 an hour as a Certified Nurse Aide. There are many CNA classes and schools in the Grand Prairie, Texas area. Just make sure they are Texas Board of Nursing accredited.