CNA Classes in Irving TX

People looking to enter the medical field are doing so via the Certified Nurse Aide training programs going on across the US. In Irving, Texas there are several facilities offering CNA classes to those that qualify. Becoming a nurse aide has never been easier. There has also never been a better time to become a Certified Nursing Assistant than now. Presently, a high demand for CNAs all over the United States is happening. Many medical facilities require the assistance of CNAs.



Easy Steps To Certification


The steps to become a nurse aide are not that difficult and the certification process can be completed in no time. Requirements are basic such as being 18 years or older. Each applicant must also pass a physical exam to determine their health. The educational threshold needed is only a high school diploma or a GED. Each person will be given a TB exam for which they must test Negative in order to continue forward with the CNA training. In addition, a background check to determine your criminal history will also be done. The proof of your immunization is also required.


Training hours requirements differ from state to state. For Texas, the amount of total hours needed are 75. There are 51 hours which will derive from lessons and basic knowledge you acquire during the course. And at least 24 full hours of clinical experience need to be obtained as well.



The CNA Duties


Once a person has been certified to be a nurse aide, they will be ready to carry out their duties. The role of a Certified Nurse Aide consists primarily of helping patients in medical facilities. Patients under their charge many times require assistance in doing daily chores. Helping patients carry out tasks such as bathingĀ and bathroom necessities are part of a CNA role. Every CNA will have a professional nurse to guide and supervise them.

High moral values and a strict code of ethics are part an integral part of every CNA. Plus, a nurse aide should enjoy helping others and working with people.

Taking part in CNA classes in Irving, Texas can be done easily by joining a CNA school near you.