CNA Classes in Laredo TX

The city of Laredo, Texas, is offering nurse aide training programs for those looking to become certified. There are now several CNA schools near you ready to assist those who desire to be a nurse aide. Medical facilities in need of Certified Nurse Aide are growing each day. The high demand for CNAs in these facilities means job security and stability. Plus, a CNA can earn anywhere between $26,000 to $36,500 annually.


The Role of a CNA


If you enjoy helping people and working with others, you will relish the role of a CNA. That’s because a Certified Nurse Aide will have many patients who need assistance. It is the duty of a CNA to provide aid to these patients. Many of them0 cannot take care of themselves when it comes to issues such as bathing or going to the bathroom. The nurse aide will need to help the patients carry out these daily chores.


Each Certified Nurse Aide needs to be morally sound and uphold a certain set of ethics. They will also be under the supervision of a professional nurse while they tend to the patients.


Criteria Needed For Being a CNA


The criteria that must be met by a person wishing to become a Certified Nurse Aide varies from state to state. In the state of Texas, the requirements are that you be at least 18 years of age. You must also provide proof of immunization and test Negative for a TB test. Each applicant will undergo a physical exam to determine how well they are health wise. A GED or high school diploma is required as part of the education requisites.


The requirements for hours in training for any person who wants to be certified as a nurse aide in Laredo, Texas are as 75. The first 51 hours must derive from theoretical lessons and knowledge. There will also be a minimum of 24 hours clinical experience requirement.

Residents of Laredo, Texas, can take advantage of the top rated CNA schools in their area. Find some of the CNA classes near you to get started today.