CNA Classes in Lubbock TX

Lubbock, Texas residents have the opportunity to become a Certified Nurse Aide now. Several medical facilities and CNA schools are offering top rated nurse aide training programs. The past few years, the number of medical facilities in need of CNAs has increased dramatically. There are outpatient facilities, medical offices, nursing homes, hospitals, long term care and care homes facilities that can use the assistance of CNAs right away.


A Rewarding Career

Being a Certified Nurse Aide can be a very rewarding career and profession for the right individual. For those that enjoy helping others and are compassionate, the CNA profession is a perfect one. Each nurse aide will have to tend and care for patients each day. Professional nurses will supervise every CNA to make sure all of the duties are carried out daily.

The vast majority of the patients under the guard of a nurse aide are often too ill to fend for themselves. It will be the duty of a CNA to help the patients carry out daily needs such as bathing and going to the bathroom. Due to matters such as these, it is imperative for a CNA to be ethically bound by a high code of moral values.


The CNA Requirements

Before you can take part of any CNA training, there are several requirements you must undergo and pass. Being at least 18 years old or older, is first. Each person will also have to pass a physical exam they will be given. The state of Texas demands proof of immunization from each applicant. Plus, they also require a high school or GED equivalency diploma. An exam for TB will be done and each person must test Negative. And there is an extensive criminal background check done as well.

You can earn anywhere between $11 to $16 an hour or about $26,00 to $36,500 a year as a CNA. Training can take anywhere between 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the CNA school you select. To begin your path to becoming a Certified Nurse Aide in Lubbock, TX, find a school near you now.