CNA Classes in Mesquite TX

Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) classes in Mesquite, Texas are now taking place in several facilities. The nurse aide training programs being offered, typically take at least 4 to 9 weeks to complete. The actual time you spend in training depends on the CNA school, CNA program and schedule you pick. With so many medical facilities in need of qualified nurse aides all across the US, the time to take CNA course is now. Becoming a Certified Nurse Aide can mean job security and stability. It can also open the doors to the medical profession for you.


The Basic Requirements for CNAs

Before you can take part in any CNA program, you must first pass a few hurdles of criteria that are required. Each applicant must have a high school diploma or a GED. They must also go through a criminal background check to make sure their criminal history is clean. A physical examination to ascertain¬†you’re in good health is also necessary. As are¬†the exam of both tuberculosis and hepatitis. Both of which must result in Negative. 18 years or older is the age requirement in the state of Texas for those that want to be a CNA.

When it comes to the amount of hours of training, Texas has set the amount as 75 in total. 51 of these hours must derive from lessons and knowledge obtained in classrooms. An additional 24 hours of medical and clinical experience must also be obtained.


The Main Role of a Nurse Aide

Once you have been certified as a nurse aide, your primary role will be taking care of patients under your care. The patients will require a CNAs assistance in daily chores such as bathing and dressing. They will also need to be served their meals and helped with eating them. A CNA has to lift patients in and out of wheelchairs, beds and other places as well. Making sure that the patients areas are cleaned and sanitized are also part of the role of a CNA. Every Certified Nurse Aide must enjoy working with people and assisting them. They must also be compassionate and morally upstanding.

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