CNA Classes in Plano TX

There are many medical facilities in Plano, Texas offering Certified Nurse Aide classes. Nurse aide is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing professions in the healthcare industry. It is a very respectable and rewarding career which allows you to enter the medical industry.


CNAs can earn anywhere between $11 to $16 an hour and an annual income of up to $36,500. Since there is such a high demand for Certified Nurse Aides all over the USA, it offers job security.


What Are The Requirements?


Before you can become certified as a nurse aide, you must meet certain requirements. The most important is being of age which is no younger than 18. Each applicant must go through an extensive criminal background check to make sure their record is clean. In addition, there is a clean bill of health  requirement. Each person must undergo an exam for TB which must come back Negative. There will be proof of immunization needed. And each person must have at least a high school diploma or a GED.


When it comes to the amount of hours of training to become a CNA, the state of Texas requires no less than 75 total hours. These hours will consist of 24 hours of clinical experience. There will also be 51 hours of classes and lessons.


Rewards of Being a Nurse Aide


Obtaining your nurse certification will mean that you will embark on a very rewarding career. CNA’s duties are primarily to aid patients under their watch. A vast amount of patients under the care of CNAs, are often too ill to fend for themselves. It is the role of a CNA to help these patients carry out daily chores such as bathing.


It is imperative for a CNA to be both morally and ethically sound. They should also love working with others and helping them.  A professional nurse will provide supervision to the CNA under their watch.

If you believe you have what it takes to become a Certified Nurse Aide, the time to take CNA classes is now. Find a CNA school in Plano, Texas, today to get started.