CNA Classes in San Antonio TX

Entering the healthcare industry has never been easier than now for those willing to start a respectful profession. Thousands of medical facilities are in dire need of Certified Nurse Aide all across the US. In the city of San Antonio, Texas, CNA training courses are taking place. Many CNA schools are offering nurse aide training programs which can be completed in about 4 to 9 weeks.


CNA Basic Fundamentals

Becoming a CNA can result in a rewarding career for those that become certified. The only basic fundamentals required for a CNA is that they follow the ethical code of the medical profession. The moral values of a nurse aide must be very high. That’s because they will be working with people who often can fend for themselves. The role of a Certified Nurse Aide is to help patients under their care meet daily needs. Basic chores such as bathroom duties or bathing are sometimes impossible for patients to do on their own. A CNA will be required to help patients carry out these chores.


Requirements For Nurse Aide

In order to take part in CNA training, there are some basic requirements you must go through. The age threshold for anyone is 18 years or older. There will also be a tuberculosis and hepatitis test performed for which you must test Negative. Proof of immunization will also be needed as part of this process. Each applicant must have a GED equivalency or high school diploma. And they must also go through a fingerprinting process to determine their criminal history.

Every state demands a certain amount of hours of training before any person can be Certified as Nurse Aide. For Texas, the amount of total hours are 75. 51 hours will derive from lessons and theoretical knowledge. 24 hours of clinical and medical experience are also required.


A Certified Nurse Aide career can provide job security and stability. The pressing need for CNAs all over the country can also mean you will find work right away. A CNA can earn between $11 to $16 an hour.
If you feel you have what it takes to be a Certified Nurse Aide, then start taking CNA classes today.